Board of Directors

Maxine Giardina Charter School Board of Directors plays a vital and active role in the operations of the school. The board consists of community leaders, university leaders, parents, and professionals.

The Maxine Giardina Charter School Board of Directors 2016-2017:

  • Jake Giardina, Chairman
  • Karen Chauvin, President
  • Carol “Boo” Broussard, Vice-President
  • Brian Aucoin, Treasurer
  • Dr. Angelle Hebert, Secretary
  • Dr. Albert Davis, University Liaison
  • J.J. Buquet, Member-At-Large
  • Andrea Bollinger-Giardina, Member-At-Large
  • O. Cleveland Hill, Member-At-Large
  • Wendie Darcey, Parent Representative
  • Crystal Guillot, Parent Representative

The MAX Charter School board holds its monthly board meetings at 9:00 A.M. on the first Thursday of each month. These public meetings are held in the Library/Conference Room at the school. MAX Board Meeting Dates 2016-2017


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To view the policies and procedures adopted by the MAX Charter School Board of Directors, please click on the Policy below.

MAX Personnel Policies June 4, 2014

MAX Personnel Policies July 2, 2015 Final


Bylaws Review 5-9-2015

 THE MAX CHARTER Strategic Plan_ Approved 2016-05-05
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