Emergency Information

The purpose of the Emergency Information Section is to notify students, faculty, and staff as quickly as possible in the event that there is an unforeseen circumstance in which school will not be in session. These may include but are not limited to:

  • Weather-Related Closings
  • Event Cancellations/Changes
  • Terrorism

The MAX Charter School has a Crisis Plan that is reviewed annually. Please contact the school if you would like additional information.


Currently, there is no update. Please visit this section for weather and emergency closings in the future.


A fire drill shall be held at least once each month.  Although speed is a requirement of a successful fire drill, order should not be sacrificed for speed. The principals shall furnish specific instructions to employees and pupils as to route and manner of exit during fire drill. These routes shall be posted in of each classroom, and in  areas where this information will be available to all employees. Teachers should carry the grade records with them in order that the school would have evidence of grades, etc., in case of fire. The principal shall keep on file a record of the days and time of day on which fire drills were held in the school.


The MAX Charter School recognizes the need for fire prevention/precaution in order to protect its employees, students, visitors, and property from the hazards of fire. Reducing and/or eliminating the fire hazards in and around the school and other School Board property should be everyone’s responsibility. As a prerequisite in its fire prevention strategies, the Board shall require inspections by qualified persons of all fire safety and prevention equipment, including but not limited to fire alarm and smoke detection devices as well as all other Board property annually. All necessary service, repairs, and precautions shall be taken by appropriate persons in a timely manner to assure that all such equipment is in good working order and meets the needs for which it was intended. Reports on all inspections shall be maintained on file at the school.