Faculty & Staff

Teachers at the MAX Charter School receive intense specialized training in curriculum and professional development in new education trends. The faculty and staff at MAX Charter School work diligently to ensure that our students achieve academic success.

The school maintains a partnership with neighboring Nicholls State University. The faculty receives assistance with providing students tutorial and counseling services from the Nicholls State University Departments of Education and Psychology.  The MAX Charter School also partners with the Louisiana Center for Dyslexia and Related Learning Disorders to provide support and assistance in educating our students and parents in understanding dyslexia and related learning differences.             

Administration and Support                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

  • Director Linda Musson, Teach to Teach, L.L.C.
  • Principal, Rebecca Walker
  • Administrative Assistant, Dru Pierce 
  • Business Manager, Suzy Bourg
  • Data Coordinator, Alison Borne


  • Rhonda Avants, 4th Grade ELA & Social Studies
  • Suzanne Cavalier, 6th – 8th Grade ELA
  • Judith Domangue, 5th Grade ELA & Social Studies
  • Rebecca Durocher, 5th Grade Math & Science
  • Cindy Grandin, Special Education
  • Deborah Guidry, 6th – 8th Grade Math
  • Elizabeth Kohlhund, 4th Grade Math & Science
  • Ciji Monaghan, 2nd/3rd Grade
  • Sloan Pierce, 1st/2nd Grade
  • Helena Salmon, 6th – 8th Grade Social Studies
  • William Wommack, 6th – 8th Grade Science


  • Catrina Aucoin
  • Tara Broussard
  • Brenda Goulas
  • Rhonda Hamilton
  • Shanicia Hamilton
  • Tania Hebert
  • Kimberly Landry
  • Brittany LeGleu
  • Angel Pitre
  • Peter Smitko
  • Cheryl Theiss

Before & After-School Care

  • Lana Domangue

Building & Maintenance

  • Sue Cressione