Faculty & Staff

Administration & Support

Linda Musson Consultant

Email: lmusson@maxcharter.org

Rebecca Walker Principal

Email:     rwalker@maxcharter.org


Alison Borne

Student Services
Email: aborne@maxcharter.org

Danielle Hebert

Business Manager                  Title IX Coordinator
Email: dhebert@maxcharter.org

Cheryl Theiss

Administrative Assistant            Public Custodian of Records
Email: ctheiss@maxcharter.org


Suzanne Cavalier

4th & 5th Grade ELA

Email: jdomangue@maxcharter.org

Josie Chenier

6th, 7th, & 8th Grade Social Studies

Email: jchenier@maxcharter.org

Renee Delatte

6th, 7th, & 8th Grade Math

Email: rdelatte@maxcharter.org

Judith Domangue

3rd Grade

Email: jdomangue@maxcharter.org

Renee Domangue

4rd & 5th Grade Science and Social Studies

Email: rdomangue@maxcharter.org

Renee Fields

6th, 7th, & 8th Grade ELA

Email: rfields@maxcharter.org

Cindy Grandin

Special Education

Email: cgrandin@maxcharter.org

Marie Ledet

4th & 5th Grade Math

Email: mledet@maxcharter.org

Aaron Lyons

6th, 7th, & 8th Grade Science

Email: alyons@maxcharter.org

Sloan Pierce

1st and 2nd Grade

Email: spierce@maxcharter.org

Christy Waguespack

Special Education

Email: cwaguespack@maxcharter.org


Rhonda Duplantis

Dana Guidry

Rhonda Hamilton

Shanicia Hamilton

Lakelie Hoffpauir

Brittney LeBlanc

Angel Pitre

Ancillary Staff

Laila Andras

Before and After Care

Jessica Boudreaux

Sensory Solutions
Occupational Therapy

Lana Domangue

Before and After Care

Sofia Flakes


Jenna Fontenot

School Nurse


Kelly Guin

School Counselor                                          Title IX Coordinator


Rebecca Ledet

Sensory Solutions Speech